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Why Panama ?

Panama is the ideal offshore jurisdiction and a great place to live. Panama enjoys a stable, democratically elected government, and has excellent asset protection, offshore corporation laws and the largest banking sector south of USA.

Panama offers the most favourable and most flexible incorporation laws available in the world. Panama corporations are used by individuals from all over the globe who are interested in asset protection, tax minimization, privacy, investment diversification, affordability and convenience. Panama corporations can be used for international trade, to settle trusts or foundations, to establish and own bank or brokerage accounts, or hold ownership of real estate or any other type of asset. In some cases, Panama corporations are formed for very private and confidential business transactions such as the movement of funds to another jurisdiction for the protection of the assets.




Important Facts


  Panamanian corporations translate to secure investments due to Panama’s long-standing reputation as a reliable economic and financial center.

  Interest earned on deposits in local or foreign banks within Panama is tax-free.

  Panamanian corporations are not required to keep assets or have bank accounts in Panama, and they may maintain assets in any country. Furthermore, no restrictions or limitations exist on any investment a Panamanian corporation may make or the use it may give to its assets and funds.

  Laws of the Republic of Panama forbid businessmen and corporations to submit their accounting records, files, correspondence or other documents to foreign authorities without previous permission from the Government of Panama.

  Currency exchange has no restrictions or controls. The United States dollar is freely interchangeable with the local currency, the Balboa. Furthermore, transfer of funds bears no levies or controls.

  Panamanian laws are specifically designed to expedite ship registration, to establish bask and reinsurance companies, to provide tax exemptions for industries and to facilitate the use of free trade zones.

  Contracts, invoices and corporate documents may be written in any language. Transportation and communication systems to or from Panama are modern and efficient.

  A Panamanian company can not be forced to divulge at any time confidential information to the Panamanian or foreign authorities. Bearer shares protects this confidentiality.


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